XRM Toolbox – Quick Start for M365 Devs (TSQL and FetchXML)

Quick start guide showing step-by-step how to install XRM, configure corporate web HTTP proxy settings, connect to Microsoft 365 Dataverse with Login Control, and run query. Data can be viewed with both SQL 4 CDS and FetchXML tools. NOTE – FetchXML is required by many PowerAutomate (MS Flow) action steps to query MS Dataverse records.

Familiar with TSQL pattern SELECT FROM WHERE? Then SQL 4 CDS will make MS Dataverse table support a breeze. Cheers.





Use a Dataverse-style FetchXML query, which allows more flexibility in building custom queries. These queries can be useful when you work with a table that has multiple related tables, or handling pagination. The following screenshot shows how to use FetchXML.

Type the following in the Fetch Xml Query field.

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