Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.
Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.


VIDEO – Tour of SSRS, PowerPivot, and PowerView

I wanted to record an introduction to the new reporting and Business Intelligence capability within SharePoint 2013.   After loading SP2013, there are a few steps to activate the backend Service Applications for BI.   The SQL 2012 install media is needed for this to install SSRS Integrated Mode and PowerPivot.

However, once those are online you can load great samples like “PowerView – Hello World Picnic” to browse real data and confirm it all works correctly.   Very cool stuff, enjoy!  




SSRS-PowerPivot-PowerView from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.

PowerShell: Get today’s date only

Recently I needed to get a [System.DateTime] object with today’s date only (no time information).   Sounds easy, right?

At first I found “Get-Date -displayhint date” on     While the output looks nice, it only affects console string display.  The underlying object still has full timestamp information.

I ended up coding “New-Object "System.DateTime" -ArgumentList (Get-Date).Year, (Get-Date).Month, (Get-Date).Day” as the clean way to create a new object with today’s date only.   This allowed the rest of my code to then work perfectly.  Hope this helps somebody else too! 



New-Object "System.DateTime" -ArgumentList (Get-Date).Year, (Get-Date).Month, (Get-Date).Day

FIXED – Rule “User account requirement for Farm administrator” failed

When installing PowerPivot on SharePoint 2010 you might see the below error.   Behind the scenes several permissions are being verified, not just Farm Admin.   In my case I also needed to grant SQL SYSADMIN permission to the user account performing the install.  This error message is confusing because it can occur even if you are listed on Central Administration as a Farm Admin.  So before you run “setup.exe” on the SQL CD, be sure to double check your permissions.


PowerPivot install account needs:

  • Local Administrator 
  • Farm Administrator 
  • SQL sysadmin fixed role 

Rule "User account requirement for Farm administrator " failed.  The user is not a farm administrator.






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