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Poster – Microsoft Access to Cloud Migration

Recently I reviewed options for how to migrate Access databases to the Microsoft cloud.  There are multiple target platforms to consider.  

At a high level I see four category of MS Access databases.  Each had it’s own target platform to match.

  1. Simple (SharePoint List) – Table storage with rows and columns.  Data entry such as a tracker, log, or flat input.
  2. Relational (Dynamics 365) – Multiple entities with relationships such as one-to-many and many-to-many.  Navigate data and advanced reporting.
  3. Application (Azure App) – Advanced input, form validation, triggers, scripting, and code.   Need flexbility of Azure Web App, SQL Azure, and PowerShell runbook to accommodate all features.
  4. Reporting (Power BI) – Presentation of data into chart and table format.   Drill down, filter, merge data sources, etc.

Cheers!  shades_smile

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