Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.
Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.


VIDEO – Workflow 2010 Deprecated User Experience (UX)

Wanted to share brief demo of the user experience in web browser and SharePoint Designer after Microsoft deprecates the Workflow 2010 feature.   SharePoint Designer 2013 continues to display the workflow menu and definition.  However, during publish we see the error below.   Web browser view displays a yellow toolbar with link to learn more about the deprecated removed feature.   Tenant used for this video is set to “first release” for early preview and in that case is showing the Workflow 2010 feature removed sooner than other tenants.   Sharing this information with site owners early can help steer towards Microsoft Flow (PowerAutomate) and plan for replacement features.




Error Message

Errors were found when compiling the workflow.  The workflow files were saved but cannot be run.

Unexpected error on server associating the workflow




How to switch to PNP.PowerShell (PS7) from SharepointPnPPowerShellOnline (PS5.1)

Wanted to record a quick demo for how to switch from the current established “SharepointPnPPowerShellOnline” module into new “PNP.PowerShell” module based on .Net Core.   Shout out to @ToddKlindt for the great blog post.   Cmdlets and references below.  Cheers



Source Code

Uninstall-Module SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline –AllVersions
Install-Module PnP.PowerShell –AllowPrerelease


PnP PowerShell RoadMap

What’s in that patch? Dec 2020

NOTE – PDF format updated to include both SharePoint 2013, 2016, and 2019 notes. Ever wondered what fixes are inside of a given CU?   Please see attached PDF with full detail. I wanted a new format for easy reading.   Show management and make the business case for why downtime should be taken to apply CUs.  Also posted at If you found this helpful, please leave a comment.   



What’s in that patch – Dec 2020.PDF

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