Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.
Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.

September 2018

VerifyAD – Validate Active Directory username and password with REST api

Below is a example of how to wrap System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.PrincipalContext.ValidateCredentials() with REST api container for electronic signature over REST api call.   This enables web based forms to be “signed” for business purpose with given user’s password.   The api will return “true” if given a valid Domain, User, and Password.   However, should any invalid input be given or an exception occur it merely responds “false.”

NOTE – This API should ONLY be used over HTTPS for secure encrypted transport.  Demo video shows HTTP for educational purposes only.






Call SharePoint Online (SPO) REST api from AngularJS (1x) Lite Server with PNP.js

Video and code below demonstrate how to call SharePoint Online (SPO) REST api from a http://localhost JavaScript project.

Here we have a simple AngularJS 1x to-do list saving JSON payload data to a SharePoint Online list hosted in Office 365.   Authentication is achieved with EditThisCookie and ModHeader chrome extensions.  By exporting cookies from a valid Office 365 session to the “chromecors” session we are authenticated and enable to execute REST apis.    ModHeader is used for “Origin :” to provide source detail.

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What’s in that patch? Sep 2018

NOTE – PDF format updated to include both SharePoint 2013 and 2016 notes.

Ever wondered what fixes are inside of a given CU?   Please see attached PDF with full detail. I wanted a new format for easy reading.   Show management and make the business case for why downtime should be taken to apply CUs.  Also posted at

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What’s in that patch – Sep 2018.PDF

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