Monthly Archives: February 2018

FIXED – Unable to search item by ID (Your search returned no results)

Recently I resolved an on-premise search issue where typing an ID number into the list view “Find an item” bar gave zero results.   The list definitely had matching data and search full crawl was completed.

The fix was to update “ListitemID” to be searchable on the Search Service Application (SSA), click “Re-Index” button under List Settings, and wait for the next incremental crawl.  Cheers!  shades_smile


  • Type keyword in “Find an item”
  • Error display “Your search returned no results



  • Open Central Admin
  • Open Search Service Application
  • Open “Search Schema” and type “ListItemID
  • Check the box [X] for “Searchable
  • Navigate to team site with user content
  • Open “List Settings > Advanced settings”
  • Click button “Reindex List”
  • Wait for incremental search
  • Now works OK




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