VIDEO – PowerShell automated WebDeploy ZIP install

This video will demonstrate how to test, build, publish, and install WebDeploy ZIP packages.   The example walks through a simple WebAPI HTTP endpoint which echoes back the current date and time.   Fiddler is leveraged for HTTP testing.   Once tested succesful, we publish the project to ZIP for install on IIS hosted infrastructure.

PowerShell cmdlet Restore-WDPackage is used to extract ZIP content and create a permanent home for the API endpoint.

By automating with PowerShell we provide a fast consistent admin experience to ensure the API is always installed the same way for a reliable repeatable procedure.  Thanks for watching.

Cheers!  shades_smile



Add-PSSnapin WDeploySnapin3.0
$package = "C:\temp\Hello\deploy\"
Restore-WDPackage $package -Parameters @{"IIS Web Application Name"="API/Hello"}




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