SharePoint as a Service (SPaaS)

SharePoint is often treated as a final SAAS product to perform Microsoft native functions only.  Management can be reluctant to engage customization and development for the perceived cost. 

However, what is the cost of lacking a needed business tool?  Lost productivity and opportunity?  

What is the cost to create native SP features?   Make a blank IIS website?  Then create your own search, audit, permission interface, file store, REST endpoint, etc.?


Today is the best time ever to be a developer.  Many services and many tools.   Agile design can be applied to leverage 90% native platform with 10% custom code to spin up helpful business applications with low cost.   Micro services, REST api, and JavaScript frameworks provide the building blocks.   Developers are challenged to learn these new tools.  Ones that do can help deliver business value faster than ever.


Remember, SharePoint is a service– not the final product.  shades_smile



  • Authentication – User context.  Password management, new account creation, integrated single sign-on.
  • Permissions – Groups, roles, custom permission levels,
  • Tables & Files – Storage of flat database (rows, columns, validated input, query) and binary files (folder, files)
  • Notification – Alert on data changes.  Daily and weekly summary.  Custom email body with Workflow.
  • Search – Index content, word parsing, custom results display, full REST api.
  • Audit – Regulatory compliance.  Reports, export, filter, and granular detail.
  • … and many more






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