Change the Oil – SharePoint Windows O/S

SharePoint runs best with regular health checks and preventative maintenance.   Often we overlook the Windows Server O/S as a key component.   Applications only run as fast as the host operating system.   A well tuned Windows Server O/S gives SharePoint the best opportunity to perform for end users.    Change the oil regularly and users will have the best experience possible.

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Native to Windows, this utility is part of the “Desktop Experience” category and can remove Windows Update, Recycle Bin, and temp files which may not be needed.  Convenient and good start point to release storage.

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Will do all of the above and more by removing temp files specific to certain applications.   Registry keys can also be scanned fro issues and auto repaired to improve lookups.   Windows Start Up, Browser plug-ins, Schedule Tasks, and many other settings give an overall O/S performance boost.   No other utility offers more benefit from one download.

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The local XML file cache for SharePoint server can become out of sync with Config DB.   Purging this folder occasionally for a new re-population can help all servers in the farm stay in sync.    This procedure also confirms health of the SPTimerV4 service and database connectivity.

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Local drive read/writes can slow over time as files become fragmented.   The modern usage with Virtual Machines (VM) and Solid State Drives (SSD) can vary but often a “Quick” defrag or SSD “Optimize” can yield disk I/O performance gains.

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When machines suddenly halt (power off, VM failure, etc.) drives and file sectors can become corrupted.  Occasionally running CHKDSK can help scan for any issues to provide assurance there are none and attempt to repair before future disk writes make repair less available.  Running “CHKDSK C: /F’ can help mitigate risk after and ensure a healthy drive.

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SFC allows admins to scan for and restore corrupt Windows system files.   Similar to the above, this ensure the O/S has current and working files for all needed features.   Recent forced power off or system power halts can corrupt drive data.   Running “SFC / SCANNOW’ can help mitigate risk after and ensure a healthy O/S. jp jw pj ws js rj rp rw ri cp md.ic.M_WD0UF_RD


Current definition and engine binary ensure your system is well protected against common attacks.   Secure systems experience less downtime, data loss, and performance reduced by malware and attacks.   Keep bad users out and provide more resources for good users.


SharePoint Server has certain folders with frequent disk I/O (i.e.  search index) where excluding the AV checker can significantly improve performance.   Not scanning these temp files allows the product to quickly move through items, catalog, and index for users.    NOTE – There are subtle differences based on product version (SP 2010/2013/2016) which need to be adjusted to match your farm.

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