VIDEO – code JS todo CRUD on Breeze & SQL Express (part 1 of 2)

Live coding walk through of a locally hosted “Todo List” CRUD application with Breeze WebAPI 2.2 middle tier and SQL Express relational database storage.  This baseline allows developers to be more productive locally with fast feedback loops.   Iterate code changes, reload test, and repeat.   This technology stack can create sophist acted business application with input validation, advanced data schema, workflows, and more bringing in the latest web innovations from NPM and NodeJS.  

Custom HTTP header was added for extra security as an application “client secret” which is required for the WebAPI middle tier to respond to HTTP traffic.  Missing HTTP header will respond with “null” and not execute any Dot Net code.

In this video I used several components and want to share links for each:



In a future video, I’ll show how this application can then be deployed to Office 365 and SQL Azure to leverage Microsoft’s cloud hosting.

Enjoy!  shades_smile






Live code JS todo CRUD on Breeze & SQL Express from Jeff Jones on Vimeo.



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