Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.
Microsoft cloud engineer - SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, DotNet, Angular, JavaScript.

Insane MOVE – ShareGate Turbo

ShareGate offers “insane mode” which uploads to Azure blob storage for fast cloud migration to Office 365 (     It’s an excellent program for copying SharePoint sites.   However, I wanted to research ways to run that even faster by leveraging parallel processing and came up with “Insane MOVE.




Technical Features

  • Multiple SharePoint servers with ShareGate installed
  • CSV input with source & destination URLS
  • Powershell “Insane MOVE.ps1” runs on any 1 server in the farm
    • Detects servers with ShareGate installed
    • Create Task Scheduler jobs on each server
    • Create “worker0.ps1” file on each server to run one copy job
    • Secure string for passwords (varied for each server)
    • Automatic queue to start new jobs as current ones complete
    • Status report to CSV with ShareGate session ID#, errors, warnings, and error detail XML  (if applicable)
    • LOG for both “Insane MOVE” centrally and each remote worker


The diagram below explains the concept.  With multiple servers, ShareGate installed on each, and adequate hardware, we can execute “Copy-Site” PowerShell in parallel.    With 4 or more concurrent “Copy-Site” workers we’re now able to process multiple copy operations simultaneously for a faster overall migration timeline.    PowerShell will automatically queue up the next source/destination URLs from the input CSV and monitor worker status to kick off a new copy as soon as a prior completes.

Cruise control for ShareGate!    Less effort to easily manage bulk copy operations.  We now have “Insane MOVE” for “Insane Mode.”    

Please give the script a try and leave a comment here or GitHub.   Cheers! 








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