I Wanna Patch FAST

Want to patch your SharePoint farms faster?  Try running https://github.com/spjeff/sppatchify


The latest version (0.42) includes new PowerShell code for parallel execution of “Upgrade-SPContentDatabase.”  This was implemented with “Get-Job” and PowerShell job management to remote sessions. 

The more user content databases you have, the greater the time savings.  Below are summary statistics from patching a 9 server SharePoint 2013 farm with 200 SQL content databases in just 4 hours.  Each of the 9 servers will spawn 4 PowerShell remoting runspaces for “Upgrade-SPContentDatabase.”  With 36 concurrent worker threads, the queue of 200 content databases now becomes only 6 deep.  

Instead of waiting 200 units of time to process content databases serially, we now only wait 6 units of time for the upgrade database phase.

Larger farms with more user content (and databases) will see significant overall time savings considering how a majority of the traditional patching timeline is processing all content databases.    The binary EXE phase runs with all content databases  removed (Dismount-SPContentDatabase ) so PSCONFIG can complete sooner.    After that is done, content is introduced again (Mount-SPContentDatabase) and upgraded (Upgrade-SPContentDatabase).


Amazing speed!!!    Cheers 











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Open source hosted on GitHub



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