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Chocolately at Work and Home

If you haven’t seen then go check it out!    “Chocolately is a Machine Package Manager, somewhat like apt-get, but built with Windows in mind”

This simple yet incredible utility helps us download and install applications.    Need Chrome?   Great!   Type “choco install GoogleChrome”, kick your feet up, and wait for Chrome to appear on the desktop.  Just that easy.  shades_smile



Below are my favorite Chocolatey shopping lists for 3 different scenarios:

  1. Home – Personal or family use.  browsers, plugins, security, support, and utilities.
  2. Work (Developer Desktop) – Code creation and management, debug, trace, inspect.  Overlaps some with Home.
  3. Work (SharePoint Server) – Administrator tools, troubleshoot, logs, utilities, and remote management.



cinst 7zip
cinst 1password
cinst adobeair
cinst adobereader
cinst anyvideoconverter
cinst audacity
cinst autohotkey.portable
cinst balsamiqmockups
cinst calibre
cinst ccleaner
cinst crashplan
cinst defraggler
cinst dropbox
cinst evernote
cinst firefox
cinst flashplayerplugin
cinst flashplayeractivex
cinst gimp
cinst googlechrome
cinst googledrive
cinst googleearth
cinst handbrake
cinst imagemagick
cinst infrarecorder
cinst itunes
cinst javaruntime
cinst jing
cinst jre8 8.0.65 
cinst lastpass
cinst keepass
cinst malwarebytes
cinst minecraft
cinst nestopia
cinst notepadplusplus
cinst notepadreplacer
cinst office365homepremium
cinst pdfill
cinst pdftk
cinst processhacker
cinst produkey
cinst quicktime
cinst recuva
cinst sandboxie
cinst skype
cinst snagit
cinst speccy
cinst spotify
cinst teamviewer
cinst ultraiso
cinst vlc
cinst wifi-manager
cinst winrar
cinst wizmouse
cinst zoomit


Work – Developer Desktop

cinst 7zip
cinst altdrag
cinst attributechanger
cinst brackets
cinst chocolateypackageupdater
cinst cloc
cinst conemu
cinst crystaldiskinfo
cinst crystaldiskmark
cinst googlechrome
cinst dotpeek
cinst expresso
cinst fiddler
cinst filezilla
cinst firefox
cinst hosts.editor
cinst keepass
cinst notepadplusplus
cinst notepadreplacer
cinst git
cinst git.commandline
cinst github
cinst icofx
cinst ilspy
cinst kindle
cinst lessmsi
cinst linqpad
cinst lockhunter
cinst markdownpad2
cinst meld
cinst mousewithoutborders
cinst npm
cinst nodejs
cinst nuget.commandline
cinst patheditor
cinst p4merge
cinst puretext
cinst python2
cinst rdcman
cinst resharper
cinst ruby
cinst searchquerytool
cinst sharepointdesigner2013x86
cinst slack
cinst sqlserver2014express
cinst tortoisesvn
cinst typescript
cinst ulsviewer
cinst usbview
cinst universal-usb-installer
cinst virtualbox
cinst visualstudio2013ultimate
cinst windowslivewriter
cinst winmerge
cinst winrar
cinst wireshark
cinst wudt
cinst xmlnotepad
cinst yeoman
cinst zoomit


Work – SharePoint Server

cinst adexplorer
cinst bulkrenameutility
cinst camlviewer
cinst ccleaner
cinst defraggler
cinst hosts.editor
cinst logparser
cinst logparser.lizardgui
cinst logexpert
cinst msicuu2
cinst notepadplusplus
cinst notepadreplacer
cinst patheditor
cinst powergui
cinst recuva
cinst regshot
cinst rdcman
cinst rktools.2003
cinst softerraldapbrowser
cinst speccy
cinst switcheroo
cinst sysinternals
cinst treesizefree
cinst vcredist2010
cinst urlrewrite
cinst webdeploy
cinst webpi
cinst webpicmd
cinst zoomit

What’s in that patch? SharePoint 2013 – Oct 2015 CU

Ever wondered what fixes are inside of a given CU?   Please see attached PDF with full detail. I wanted a new format for easy reading.   Show management and make the business case for why downtime should be taken to apply CUs.  Also posted at

If you found this helpful, please leave a comment.    shades_smile_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb[2]


Whats in that patch – SharePoint 2013 – Oct 2015 CU.PDF
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