Estimated Arrival Time (ETA) for PowerShell

Ever had a script that takes a long time to run?    Would it be nice to see an estimated time for completion?   Well, the code below is for you.   shades_smile


Percentage complete is an easy calculation for any loop operation.  Deriving time from that requires us to hold ($start) with the time our loop began.  From there we can multiply out and calculate total seconds.   When total seconds remaining is added to the current time .. then … you have ETA.  Example below.




# Data Source
$sites = Get-SPSite -Limit All
# Initialize Tracking
$start = Get-Date
$i = 0
$total = $sites.Count
# Loop
foreach ($site in $sites) {
	# Progress Tracking
	$prct = [Math]::Round((($i / $total) * 100.0), 2)
	$elapsed = (Get-Date) - $start
	$totalTime = ($elapsed.TotalSeconds) / ($prct / 100.0)
	$remain = $totalTime - $elapsed.TotalSeconds
	$eta = (Get-Date).AddSeconds($remain)
	# Display
	$file = $site.Url.Split('/')[4]
	Write-Progress -Activity "Backup $file ETA $eta" -Status "$prct" -PercentComplete $prct
	# Operation
	Backup-SPSite $site.Url -Path "D:\TEMP\$" -WhatIf
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