SPLaunch – new CodePlex for PowerShell automation

Yesterday I published a new CodePlex project to automate PowerShell remoting.   Basically I got tired of RDP-ing to 10 machines to type the same command 10 times.  Why not use a local PowerShell window to read CSV with server names and execute remotely in bulk?    Well, now you can.


Give it a try for an hour to download, setup, and run.  You can save that much time in just a day by using this in instead of juggling RDP and typing multiple PowerShell commands.   Please leave a comment or CodePlex review to let me know what you think.   Smile





Business Challenge

  • Growing list of servers
  • Inconsistent configuration (DEV has, TEST lacks, PROD just crazy)
  • Need to reduce admin time. Make room for business analysis, teach how to use, evangelize features

Technical Solution

  • PowerShell remoting + automation wrapper = rapid fire commands
  • PS1 with functions
  • Noun CSV with server farms and login user
  • Verb CSV with "shortcut" alias PowerShell commands
  • Mix and match Noun/Verb CSV with automation wrapper (New-PSSession / Invoke-Command)


Open all servers in the "DCO" farm (Development Collaboration) and show total RAM size with percent used:

  • LaunchFarm DCO
  • LaunchShortcut ram | ft -a

Open just the first server across all farms and show the SharePoint build number:

  • LaunchFarm ALL 1
  • LaunchShortcut spver | ft -a

NOTE – MUST MANUALLY UPDATE "Noun" CSV file with target machine names, AD domain,
and user account before any commands can be run.




Getting Started

  • Enable PowerShell remoting and WSMan CredSSP on all target servers. "Enable-PSRemoting -Force"and "Enable-WSManCredSSP -Role Server" http://dustinhatch.tumblr.com/post/24589312635/enable-powershell-remoting-with-credssp-using-group
  • Enable PowerShell client with "Enable-PSRemoting -Force" and "Set-Item wsman:\localhost\client\trustedhosts * -Force"
  • Update NounCSV with servers and user names
  • Run "SPLaunch.ps1 -install" to add to $profile so it starts with new PowerShell windows
  • Run LaunchAFarm to see farms
  • Run LaunchAFarm DCO to connect to that farm (comma separated allows multiple farms)
  • Run LaunchAShortcut to see shortcuts
  • Run LaunchAShortcut RAM to execute the "RAM" command (end with " | ft" to format as table)
  • Enjoy!


  • Account lockout – Possible if typing the password wrong and open many sessions at once.
  • System update – Verb CSV can modify configuration on many servers quickly. Use carefully for changes.

Please drop me a line via email spjeff@spjeff.com or Twitter @spjeff with ideas. I’m always open to suggestions and improvements.

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