View disabled Health Check rules – PowerShell one liner

Scripting this was harder than I thought it should be, so I wanted to share this crazy long PowerShell one liner.  If anybody knows of a shorter way, please leave a comment or Tweet me.   First, we get the web applications including a special switch to get Central Admin (which is normally skipped for safety).   Then we get the site collections, but since help collection has one we need to filter those out.  Then we grab the Health Analyzer Rules Definitions list.  Finally, we can filter for disabled items and display as a table.

When working on a new farm that someone else installed.  Or heck, even one I installed but just can’t remember how.  This is a good way to confirm your assumptions about any red or yellow Health warnings you see (or don’t see because they’re suppressed)


(Get-SPWebApplication -IncludeCentralAdministration |? {$_.IsAdministrationWebApplication -eq $true} |
Get-SPSite |? {$_.Url -notlike '*help'}).Rootweb.Lists["Health Analyzer Rule Definitions"].Items |?
{$_["HealthRuleCheckEnabled"] -eq $false} | select Title,ID | ft -AutoSize


I would also recommend creating a new filtered view in the Central Admin GUI for an easy way to quickly view these going forward.  There are legitimate times when a rule should be disabled, that’s why we have the checkbox.  However, it pays to know what the current settings are and not forget those hidden items.

Once all of the health rules are the way you like, run a quick SPTimerJob refresh to see the outcomes of those rules.  Smile


Get-SPTimerJob |? {$ -like '*-health-*'} | Start-SPTimerJob




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