Windows 8 – first look

I finally got around to downloading the ISO.   Screenshots below.   I really like the Metro tile interface, but it is a bit jarring when you switch back to the classic display for common functions.  Hopefully this will be smoother before RTM.   Also, the offering of Hyper-V for virtualization was an exciting feature to see listed.   That was a big wish list item for many people on Windows 7.  IIS appears to be the same and I would expect SharePoint to run on Win8 no differently that how you can run it on Win7 today.


9-27-2011 11-08-09 AM9-27-2011 11-25-39 AM

9-27-2011 11-26-02 AM9-27-2011 11-31-20 AM

9-27-2011 11-31-50 AM9-27-2011 11-32-35 AM

9-27-2011 11-34-18 AM9-27-2011 11-35-42 AM

9-27-2011 11-36-10 AM9-27-2011 11-36-50 AM

9-27-2011 11-43-34 AM

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