Server Farm Product and Patch Status

Today I attempted to join a SQL Reporting Servers machine to an existing farm and saw the below error.  While self explanatory, I wanted to document it for others that haven’t seen this.  WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 were more lenient allowing a mix between the two product SKUs.  The below screen is new to 2010 and acts as a bouncer to enforce server farm consistency.  It appears to check three categories:

  • Product SKU  (Server / Foundation)
  • Patch (version number)
  • Language pack(s)

So what I’ll do next is install the full SharePoint Server product (with Dec 2010 CU slipstream on the Updates subfolder) and then try to join Config DB once again.  Smile


Error: Some farm products and patches were not detected on this or other servers.  If products or patches are missing locally, you must quit this program and install the required products and patches on this server before restarting this wizard. If products or patches are missing on other servers, you must install the required products and patches on the specific servers, and you may then click the Refresh button to perform the status check again.

NOTE –  You may need to run the command “Get-SPProduct -local” on each machine after applying the EXE/MSP updates for it to detect correctly in the SP Config Wizard.  

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