Why MSCONFIG is super cool

The Microsoft System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG.EXE) is very easy to access and incredibly handy.    The biggest benefit comes from removing excess startup items.     Often times our machines boot all sorts of programs we’re not aware of leading to sluggish start ups and lower performance overall.

As the Windows O/S adds more and more features the MSCONFIG.EXE tools is updated to make them easier to access.   Especially for admins and developers that work on many systems.    Disabling UAC (User Account Control) for example is directly available from MSCONFIG.EXE and faster than clicking all over Control Panel.    I find myself using many of the same old tools to troubleshoot and not giving enough attention to newer options like Security Center, System Restore, and Remote Assistance.

Give it a whirl.   You might find yourself doing “Start Run MSCONFIG” more than all the others one at a time.




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