How I Surf … Browsers and Goodies

While not directly SharePoint related we all spend an ever growing percent of our day staring at a web browser.    It might as well be done right.    I don’t know all the tricks and am completely open to suggestions.    Below is an outline of how I spend my days.    I’d like to hear your stores.   Corporate IT headaches?    Mobile bandwidth limits?    Any tips or tricks?   How do you surf?


At work

Unfortunately older web browser like IE 6.0 are formally supported and have material shortcomings.   The most notable point here is that most large workplaces operate this way in government, finance, education, health care, and even some technology.    Internet access is seen as a liability, not asset.    It’s all unfortunate because a little more open mindedness and so much potential could be realized.

At home

FireFox all the way.   I love that little flame on my desktop and count it as one of only three icons I esteem high enough to see so often.    Below is a list of the plugins I use and I really do use each one of them daily.     The developer community and extensions around this product make it great.    Much like the iPhone App Store has so much creativity because of the developers.     I’m a little bias as a developer, of course.

On the go

While on the go I use my Windows Mobile device with the built in IE browser.    Sorry, no iPhone.   I really like the hardware that HTC has to offer.   I hear FireFox will be coming but would like to learn more about alternatives here.    I bookmark everything and meticulously sort the order so the common ones are fast at hand.



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