_WPQ_ with Javascript for dynamic lookup

If you’re using the trusty CEWP (Content Editor Web Part) to locate the current web part frame on a page you’ll want to consider using the “_WPQ” expression instead of hard coding a number.    Using the Internet Explorer Developer toolbar or Firebug toolbar is a great way to locate <DIV> tags and “ID=” attributes with a single click.

However, don’t be tempted to code in the number.    As you re-order web parts they will changes.    If you add more than one CEWP (export/import) the others will fail.    Use a dynamic token for maximum flexibility.

SharePoint’s rendering engine does a search replace on “_WPQ_” to give it the number of that web part on the page.   It’s a great way to avoid naming conflicts and a trick I’ve used to apply multiple JQuery driven CEWP on the same page.




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