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Fun SP Admin Webcast Today @

I never participated in one of these before but had a great time today!   Hot   My best practices were confirmed and reinforced.  Administration tasks like:

  • Start with a big C: partition
  • Make a data partition, D: works well
  • Move IIS logs to D:
  • Move 12 logs to D:
  • Confirm ample disk space before major upgrades or maintenance
  • Don’t forget to look at SQL transaction logs.   Need room here too!
  • Use the community tools to make life easier.   SP Admin Toolkit 4.0, SPDiag, etc.

Also, it was just plain fun to see all the other SharePoint people like @ToddKlindt, @bishopd, @catpaint1, @sharepointsara, and @lorigowin.    Plus we had fun with wearing hats on webcams and even playing guitar.   I can’t wait for next Monday!   


Tune in every Monday @




How to: Replace Notepad.exe with Notepad2.exe

We all love notepad.  Love Struck   It’s a familiar useful tool you can rely on every Windows machine to have.   However, it really hasn’t kept pace with the rapid change on the web.   XML, JavaScript, JQuery, and even our old friend HTML just are too hard to read.    Maybe I’m behind the times but I’ve finally upgraded all my machines to have a newer version of our old trusty friend.

Notepad 2 – Create Web pages and text documents with this color-coded no frills editor.

Download Now >>

To make it really helpful you’ll want to replace “C:WindowsSystem32Notepad.exe” but Windows NTFS security doesn’t make that too easy.    Here are the steps to take ownership and replace the EXE.   Be sure to include the last step for the INI configuration file too.

  1. Download Notepad 2!   Open-mouthed
  2. Browse to “C:WindowsSystem32”
  3. Right click on “Notepad.exe” and open Properties, then Security tab
  4. Click the “Advanced” button, then Owner tab
  5. Click “Edit” button to take ownership of this file
  6. Click OK
  7. Locate “Administrators” local group (or the effective line for the logged in user)
  8. Grant Full Control
  9. Click OK
  10. Rename “Notepad.exe” to “Notepad1.exe” to keep a backup nearby
  11. Copy “Notepad2.exe” to “C:WindowsSystem32Notepad.exe”  
  12. Copy “Notepad2.ini” to “C:WindowsSystem32Notepad2.ini”

(NOTE: renamed to preserve file associations and Edit context menu shortcuts)

Why MSCONFIG is super cool

The Microsoft System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG.EXE) is very easy to access and incredibly handy.    The biggest benefit comes from removing excess startup items.     Often times our machines boot all sorts of programs we’re not aware of leading to sluggish start ups and lower performance overall.

As the Windows O/S adds more and more features the MSCONFIG.EXE tools is updated to make them easier to access.   Especially for admins and developers that work on many systems.    Disabling UAC (User Account Control) for example is directly available from MSCONFIG.EXE and faster than clicking all over Control Panel.    I find myself using many of the same old tools to troubleshoot and not giving enough attention to newer options like Security Center, System Restore, and Remote Assistance.

Give it a whirl.   You might find yourself doing “Start Run MSCONFIG” more than all the others one at a time.


How I Surf … Browsers and Goodies

While not directly SharePoint related we all spend an ever growing percent of our day staring at a web browser.    It might as well be done right.    I don’t know all the tricks and am completely open to suggestions.    Below is an outline of how I spend my days.    I’d like to hear your stores.   Corporate IT headaches?    Mobile bandwidth limits?    Any tips or tricks?   How do you surf?


At work

Unfortunately older web browser like IE 6.0 are formally supported and have material shortcomings.   The most notable point here is that most large workplaces operate this way in government, finance, education, health care, and even some technology.    Internet access is seen as a liability, not asset.    It’s all unfortunate because a little more open mindedness and so much potential could be realized.

At home

FireFox all the way.   I love that little flame on my desktop and count it as one of only three icons I esteem high enough to see so often.    Below is a list of the plugins I use and I really do use each one of them daily.     The developer community and extensions around this product make it great.    Much like the iPhone App Store has so much creativity because of the developers.     I’m a little bias as a developer, of course.

On the go

While on the go I use my Windows Mobile device with the built in IE browser.    Sorry, no iPhone.   I really like the hardware that HTC has to offer.   I hear FireFox will be coming but would like to learn more about alternatives here.    I bookmark everything and meticulously sort the order so the common ones are fast at hand.



PowerShell Out-Grid.ps1

NOTE – PowerShell 2.0 now includes the “Out-GridView” cmdlet which removes the need for this custom .PS1 script built for PowerShell 1.0

The current release of PowerShell V1.0 does not ship with any GUI tools.    V2.0 CTP3 comes with a scripting IDE and the Out-GridView cmdlet to help with adoption and ease of use.I personally find the Out-Grid.ps1 script very handy and copy to servers whenever I want to do heavy PowerShell work.   Check it out below.

If you see an error stating that “the execution of scripts is disabled on this system” then you’ll want to run “set-executionpolicy unrestricted




_WPQ_ with Javascript for dynamic lookup

If you’re using the trusty CEWP (Content Editor Web Part) to locate the current web part frame on a page you’ll want to consider using the “_WPQ” expression instead of hard coding a number.    Using the Internet Explorer Developer toolbar or Firebug toolbar is a great way to locate <DIV> tags and “ID=” attributes with a single click.

However, don’t be tempted to code in the number.    As you re-order web parts they will changes.    If you add more than one CEWP (export/import) the others will fail.    Use a dynamic token for maximum flexibility.

SharePoint’s rendering engine does a search replace on “_WPQ_” to give it the number of that web part on the page.   It’s a great way to avoid naming conflicts and a trick I’ve used to apply multiple JQuery driven CEWP on the same page.




FREE AntiVirus for Windows Server 2008

Today I learned of two FREE programs that could help cover my laptop.   In the virus and malware marketplace I’ve long believe more than one tool (and vendor) is needed to stay safe.   There are just too many angles of attack with new one coming up all the time.   Staying current on patches is a great idea.    It’s a good foundation, but you also need active scanning tools.

Here are two programs to consider.   I run ClamWin and have been very happy with it.    Then just add Windows Defender for malware and Windows Update for patches to keep your machine safe.   Learn more about safe computing practices at

Download Now





FIX for EventLog Application 2001: It has taken too long to refresh the W3SVC counters

Please see the below hyperlink and the run the commands included in line.   I see this one often with SharePoint and wanted to share the research in case your event logs show something similar.    Less noise makes it easier to troubleshoot real issues.;en-us;267831

EventLog Application Error 2001: It has taken too long to refresh the W3SVC counters, the stale counters are being used instead.


Open CMD and run:

unlodctr msftpsvc 
unlodctr asp 
unlodctr inetinfo 
lodctr w3ctrs.ini 
lodctr ftpctrs.ini 
lodctr axperf.ini 
lodctr infoctrs.ini






Application    Error    8/1/2009 2:08    W3CTRS    2001    It has taken too long to refresh the W3SVC counters, the stale counters are being used instead.

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