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SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, and Front end JS geek. – Chicago IL

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Updated: Office 365 App launcher

Last week Microsoft released a new App Launcher GUI for first release Office 365 tenants.  The new GUI emphasizes most recently used apps and will be rolled out to all tenants by early 2018.

Screenshot and details below.  Cheers! 




Stay Informed

Published On : November 7, 2017

We’re updating the Office 365 app launcher. We’re beginning to roll out to first release organizations today. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 20465. The new Office 365 app launcher is a personalized and simple way to help your users open and switch between the apps they use most.


How does this affect me?

The apps your users see in the new app launcher are still based on the licenses you have assigned. However, the redesigned main view now emphasizes the most used applications across Office 365. It also highlights additional apps relevant to your users. For example, teachers and students may see education-specific apps. This rollout to First Release is in progress, and the roll out to the rest of the world is expected to complete early 2018. With the new app launcher, a user’s main view will include a default set of apps. While the new app launcher is in First Release, we will also pin any additional apps that user has opened in the last couple of days. When the app launcher rolls out beyond First Release, we will have more data to pin any additional apps that a user has opened within the last 30 days. After the first time your users see the new launcher, apps in the main view will stay the same, unless a user chooses to customize their apps or an administrator adds or removes licenses. If you have difficulty finding an app, click “All apps” and search through the alphabetized list of apps available.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

Please consider updating your user training, and notifying your helpdesk. Please click Additional information to view the Admin overview video and other resources.

Additional information

What happened to the Mail, Calendar, People and Tasks tiles?

Access to all Outlook modules is now consolidated in the main view of the app launcher with a single tile called Outlook that opens Mail. People, Calendar, and Tasks can be accessed through the menu in the lower-left corner of the Outlook app (beneath the folders), just like on the desktop. Direct access is also available with individual Calendar, People and Tasks tiles in the ALL apps view, and the tiles can be pinned to the main view of the app launcher, like other apps. Additionally, if a user clicked on Calendar, People, or Tasks directly in the previous 30 days*, we will automatically pin that tile to their main view. See Can I pin admin custom tiles to the main view of the launcher for my organization? for questions about the First Release experience for pinning apps outside of defaults.

How to Register for NEW SharePoint Admin Center

Open the link to submit an opt-in request to Microsoft with Tenant URL and Contact email.

Learn more about the NEW SharePoint Admin Center at Introducing the new SharePoint Admin Center

Thank you to @wonderlaura for Power Hour which included this URL in audio.


Application for the SharePoint Admin Center early preview program

Important (10/18/2017): The current early preview program for the new SharePoint Admin Center that was presented at Ignite 2017 is now closed. You can still use this form to apply for future early preview opportunities. We will contact you via email and invite you to our private Yammer group when we start enrolling people again in the future.

1. Tenant URL (Example:
This is the tenant you will want to receive the early SharePoint Admin Center preview on. Please provide one form entry per tenant.

Enter your answer

2. Contact email (Example:
This contact email will be invited to our private Yammer group once you’ve been accepted in the program. For multiple emails, please separate with “;”

Office 365 missing Datasheet – Use Access ACCDB

For bulk editing of SharePoint list data, we used to have Datasheet (ActiveX control) in the old MOSS 2007 / SP2010 days.   SP2013 gave us Quick Edit (JavaScript based) with compatibility across multiple browsers and works well for simple edits.

However, sometimes we want a more robust bulk edit.  Sort, filter, keyboard navigation, copy/paste, and more full features.   MS Access can help with the “External Data” feature.

Now we can make changes to SPList with MS Access for a faster advanced user experience than Quick Edit in the browser.




  1. Open MS Access
  2. Create new database
  3. Click “External Data”
  4. More: SharePoint List
  5. Type in your site URL:
  6. Link to the Data Source
  7. Next
  8. Select the list
  9. OK




Create Communication Site – URL Trick

Recently I wanted to create a Communication site in Office 365 but did not see the “+New” menu on the tenant SharePoint landing page.   However, I switched to another tenant and watched HTTP traffic over F12 Network tools.   Here I could see the exact URL for the APSX new Communication Site form.

Adding the URL suffix “/_layouts/15/CreateGroup.aspx” allowed me to successfully create a Communication Site on other tenants.   Hope this helps!   Cheers. 



  1. Navigate to portal root
  2. Append URL with suffix “/_layouts/15/CreateGroup.aspx” for a complete URL such as
  3. Form to create Team or Communication Site is now visible
  4. Select “Communication
  5. Provide URL, type, and description



PowerShell Error


New-PNPTenantSite : The web template SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0 is not available for sites on this tenant.


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