April 6, 2015

While troubleshooting an error with Excel Web Access I found recycle wasn’t sufficient and IISRESET was needed.   However, this raised questions about daily scheduled IIS recycle and if that would be enough to give a stable IIS footprint each business day.   I decided to err on the side of caution and schedule a full IISRESET along with code to ensure all sites and pools started up again OK.   PowerShell below.  


Also, I would recommend installing SPBestWarmUp (http://spbestwarmup.codeplex.com)  by running “spbestwarmup.ps1 –install”    This creates a Scheduled Task repeating every 15 minutes to simulate user traffic and keep those IIS pools responsive for end users.   No more wait on first visit.   It even warms up Central Admin to help out SharePoint admins.  


Enjoy!  shades_smile


IIS – no default pool recycle, set 1AM

February 6, 2015


When SharePoint 2013 installs IIS application pools are created for content, service applications, central admin, and workflow.    Only the content pools appear to be given a daily recycle time.    However, I have noticed errors with Service Applications which can be fixed after recycling the pool.    Personally I prefer to recycle pools daily and ensure maximum stability.   Below is PowerShell code to accomplish that.   shades_smile





  • Excel Services Web Part error visible to end users –  “We don’t know what happened, but something went wrong.  Could you please try that again?”
  • WCF errors on eventlog
  • Slow or unresponsive HTTP endpoints with “.svc”



Apply 1AM IIS daily recycle time to any SharePoint pools without a schedule.

PowerShell Code

FIXED – UPS missing Edit Connection LDAP filter menu

September 18, 2014

Recently while working on SharePoint 2013 I wasn’t able to edit the LDAP filters of the User Profile Service connection.   The hover menu wasn’t even visible.


Enabling Compatibility View for the Central Admin URL fixed it.   This page has older HTML which doesn’t work well in the IE 11 modern render engine.   Once Compatibility View was enabled everything worked as expected.     shades_smile