SharePoint geek, dev, admin – Chicago IL
SharePoint geek, dev, admin – Chicago IL

Central Admin – one page with every icon

Solution:   One ASPX page which shows all Central Admins functions.

Background:  I was frustrated with clicking through the 8 different ASPX pages CA offers … or my lack of memory on where to find things.  For example, if you want “Timer Jobs” you need to first know to look under “Monitoring”.   That’s fine and it does make for an overall clean display.   However, I wanted to try something more streamlined for my DEV virtual machine.

  • Explore 14TEMPLATESiteTemplatesCENTRALADMIN
  • Copy “generalapplicationsettings.aspx” to “generalapplicationsettings.BAK”
  • Edit “generalapplicationsettings.aspx”  and insert the below content.
  • Open Central Admin with IE and click “General Application Settings”
  • You should now see a single page with every function.   From here “Ctrl+F” works great to quickly jump to functions.  No more clicking around guessing.  Just scroll the mouse wheel and you’re there. 




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  • Yeah, we implemented something similar for Liferay in our 5.x release. Makes things a lot easier from an administrative point-of-view.

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